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How Will Your Business Be Valued?

There's one question many business owners should ask themselves; "What is the true value of my business?" It's an important question because, whether you realize it or not, the valueof your business will have a big impact on both personal and professional aspects of your life. So, knowing the answer is vitally important.

Your business may be your most valuable asset, so it is important that you develop a proper understanding of its value. When you know what your business is worth, you have a more realistic perspective from which to plan for the future direction of the business, as well as the future income needs of you and your family. Once you know the value, you can put in place more effective plans and strategies for future growth, business continuation, succession planning, and retiremenet planning.

Use this form to help understand the importance of knowing what your business is worth for an estate and business planning needs assessment. The tool does not determine a specific value of your business, but provides insight into three common “values” business owners typically place on their businesses.  Business Value Diagnostic Tool.

*This is not a substitute for a qualified appraisal from an accredited valuation professional. Your financial professional can help you interpret the results.